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PAIN RELIEF- Back, Neck, Headaches

"Dr. Bob saved my life!.....It was eight years ago. I was in pain. Almost all the time. It hurt to stand in a line; it hurt to wash the dishes; it hurt to stand over the sink and brush my teeth! I couldn't hold my own head up and I couldn't be in a car for more than 30 minutes. I had to elementary aged, athletic kids and I was looking for a hoveround wheelchair.

  Then I met Dr. Bob, who assured me that I would get better, and of course I was skeptical because through all the doctors(medical doctors) I had not gotten better, only worse and more debilitated. I had my first adjustment and got taller that day! It's been much better since then. I even joined a softball team at the age of 40! I now enjoy good health, sleep, and activity more now than at any time in my life.  Thanks Dr. Bob."  Kaye W.

Tired of dealing with lower back pain?

Our specific rebalancing approach has helped many patients get back to their life.  Our multifaceted method of helping patients with acute and chronic low back pain has been effective to not only create pain relief but also help keep it away.  Your treatment may include the ultimate combination of corrective adjustments, physiotherapy and spinal decompression all which is proven  highly effective.