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"When I came in to see Dr. Bob I was tired all the time, losing my hair and could not lose weight. I would get the chills all the time. So I went to my doctor thinking it was my Thyroid. When the blood work came back negative I was tremendously frustrated. I would have rather found out that it was my Thyroid. At least then I would of had answers. None of the doctors offered any good advice. I feel like I have been everywhere to look for answers. When I came to Dr. Bob he ran more extensive tests that my doctor, I guess, didn't think of. He showed me that indeed I did have a Thyroid problem, even though it didn't meet the diagnostic criteria. They also reassured me that my symptoms were not my imagination and that I didn't need psychotherapy. He explained to me that there's always a cause to an underactive Thyroid. Needless to say, I feel better, I've stop losing my hair, I've lost 10 pounds without even dieting, I'm not cold all the time and I feel generally overall balanced. I feel happier and now I spend more time with my daughter. I feel like I've got my life back. Their approach is different, but I would recommend it to anybody. Thank you."  -B.H.

Do you have low energy, hair loss, chills or weight gain?

Chances are you may have Hypothyroidism.  It is one of the most misunderstood diseases today.  While the mainstream approach to treating this disease is through medication and hormone therapy our approach is quite different.  

Have you ever wondered what is causing your under active Thyroid?

Our focus is to help you determine what is driving your underactive thyroid condition.  Through functional testing we can determine the underlying factors that can be the precursor to your situation.  When you determine this... corrective measures can enable you to live a life without:

The struggle for energy...

The clumps of hair in the shower...

The struggle to lose weight.

Do you have normal labs but still have the symptoms?

Many of our patients have been helped even when they could not get a diagnosis.  There are associated conditions that may be overlooked such as hormone resistance.  A thorough functional analysis may prove to be the answer.  Call us today for help.