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Diabetes /Weight Loss  I was very frustrated before I came in to see The Doctor.  My medications were at the max and my insulin was going up from 10 units to 100 units.  I had very low energy and was eating well, but not losing the excess fat.  I was also suffering from erectile dysfunction.  My goal was to be able to use less medication, as I was experiencing side effects with the use of each medication.  I was tired of taking insulin shots and hated using needles.  I had constant cramping of my legs while trying to sleep, and my feet were losing feeling.  I was told that if I ate things with high sugar, then it will raise my blood sugar.  The Doctor informed me that it is not what you eat at one certain time that determines your blood sugar, it is what you eat over a period of time.  I also found out that while insulin will regulate glucose, your body gets used to it and it is not as effective, so you will have to continue to take more and more.  Since coming to see The Doctor, I have lost 53 pounds and my fasting blood sugar has improved greatly.  My erectile dysfunction has diminished, and I have a wonderful increase in energy.  I can feel my feet and I no longer have cramps in my legs while sleeping.   I would recommend this program to anyone that does not want to take medication, as it doesn’t give any results and your doctor has no true methods to help you.                        
George V

Headaches/Migraines    As a former college athlete I have had to deal with many injuries and different levels of pain. After a recent car accident and driving for a living; my upper back and shoulders were giving me lots of pain, not to mention the severe headaches it caused as well. About a month ago, the pain was unbeareable and I found myself walking through the doors of Dr. Milham's.  I have to first say that Dr. Bob, Mrs Sara and Kimmie treated me like family from the first second. They all genuine care about me and what I was going through. Needless to say, I now feel so much better, I am standing taller and the headaches are gone!

Dr. Bob and Sara; I will never forget what you have done for me. You are the best!                  D. Smith, Apexneck

Overall Pain   Today has only been my 3rd visit and I cannot explain how much better I feel. Only after my 2nd visit my co-workers told me how much better I looked, my husband complimented me on how much straighter I was. Two weeks ago I struggled to work two nights in a row but now I feel I can do my job at full speed again! Now that my pain has subsided so much, my pride and love for my job has taken back over again! I was able to shoot basketball with my 16yr old with no problem. Before I was having three to four MIGRAINES a week now since last wednesday I've had zero headaches/migraines. I've recommended this practice to several of my co-workers and I am hoping they take me up on the offer. I cannot wait to see my results after the treatment, My co-workers, my husband, my children and myself are gaining great benefits from me feeling so much better.    Thank you! :-)                              M. Roberts, Apex

Weight Loss Diabetes  "Before I came to see the Doctor, I had a lack of compassion for traditional medicine and doctors.  I came close to amputation, suffered from infections, extreme lethargy, and had bad reactions to bad drugs.  I was consistently told my diabetes was uncontrollable and I would have to live my life on medication.  As a result of seeing The Doctor, I have lost 16 pounds, my blood sugars have gone from 275 to right around 100, and I have an entirely new outlook on life.  I am now feeling hopeful for everyday, and it was all well worth the effort.  I truly have a new lease on life."                                                                                           Ed J

Weight Loss Diabetes  When I first came in to see the Doctor, I wasn’t sleeping, was always sick, and was experiencing a wide variety of other medical conditions.  I didn’t want to have to take insulin shots every day for the rest of my life, and was in denial about having diabetes at all.  After seeing The Doctor, I am a new woman physically, mentally, and emotionally!  I have seen this program work for me, and would highly recommend it to anyone ready for a change in their life.    Teri M

Lower Back Pain/ Pinched Nerve

Dear Dr. Milham,

Before I was referred to you by a current client, I was in agony with pain. I had to go to the emergency room twice at the V.A., Durham hospital. I also saw a Dr. there, though he wasn't my primary care doctor. Even though I am grateful to utilize the Durham V.A. Hospital, all they did was give me massive doses of pain medication, medications were so strong and powerful that I couldn't drive, didn't want to go outside and was just a zombie!

On my initial visit, I got relief and felt so much better. After my second visit, my pinched nerve was gone. The muscle spasm was reduced from my whole thigh to a small little area...I feel great! Plus, my energy levels higher than it has been in numerous years.

I very rarely recommend anyone, but it would be an injustice not to recommend Dr. Milham because of his attention to detail, listening and total concern for your health.  I'll share him and his wonderful staff to all! Thank you Dr. Milham and your staff. I am a patient for life!

 Sincerely, David F.

Back Pain Leg Pain and High Blood Pressure

   "Decompression and spinal manipulation over the past six months have had a significant impact in correcting my posture, reduction of lower back pain, tiredness in legs while walking and after one hour walk each day. I no longer have had muscle contractions in the lower back, and as a result I'm able to move about without the pain causing a decrease in my daily activities and discomfort sitting in bed.

 It appears that my hypertension prescription is causing a swelling in the lower extremities of both legs... I have discontinued taking the medication and to my surprise, my blood pressure readings every day (keeping log) have shown normal pressure. These treatments have had a positive impact on eliminating my hypertension... I have discontinued taking the medication and to my surprise, my blood pressure readings every day have shown normal pressure."

William M.

Lower back pain

"I began doing labor intensive work on my house and some how strained my lower back. I ignored it for as long as I could. I called to Dr. Bob's office when I just couldn't stand the pain anymore. I remember crying during the consultation because I was in so much pain.  Dr. Bob ordered the decompression table for me and adjustments and within the month I was feeling wonderful!  Dr. Bob in the office staff have been a wonderful part of my recovery."

Linda L.

Leg/knee pain  "I was a patient of Dr. Bob Milham many years ago, so I knew I could rely on him to help me again. This past May. I suffered from an extremely painful tightness in my thigh muscle of my left leg. I could not put weight on my leg and I had to use crutches. A trip to the ER was no help, only to be referred to an orthopedic doctor. After a visit with the ortho doctor, and some tests, I was referred to a surgeon. I did not want to go that route (surgery) just yet, without going to Dr. Bob to see if he may be able to help me. I began my treatments with Dr. Bob in early June and after one week of treatment I had progressed to the point of walking on my own, with each treatment. I began to feel better and better.... I am happy to report that I am back playing tennis again and still continuing to progress with the help of Dr. Bob and his wonderful staff.  Many thanks for the great care."   R. V.

Leg/knee pain  "Thank you for making my life easier. Eight years ago, I received a serious knee injury in an automobile accident. I have suffered through two surgeries, countless physical therapy sessions, injections (even laser-guided shots) and alternative treatments. After limping for so many years, my whole body was hurting. Now my knee pain is lessened my back doesn't hurt and my neck is pain free. The educational session with Sara and the very informative evening session was invaluable in giving me the information I need to proceed with a final fix for my aching body. Thank you,  Judy M."

Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain   "I had never gone to a chiropractor before I met Dr. Bob; in fact, I wasn't sure that chiropractic wasn't medical quackery. But, after my personal trainer recommended chiropractic for my twisted pelvis, I took a chance and visited Dr. Bob.

  The results have been remarkable. My pelvis is now in its correct position and as a result I can stand and walk straight. I no longer suffer the aches and pains that I used to have in my shoulders, back and hips and my balance is greatly improved. It's easy to maintain good posture and I'm definitely sleeping better. I have much more energy and I just feel good.

  I love having adjustments. Often, I can feel electrical impulses surging from my spine down my arms and legs. I just feel more alive and the world seems brighter.

  If someone had told me I would feel this way before I met Dr. Bob, I would have thought they that were crazy. But I constantly recommend chiropractic in general and Dr. Bob, in particular, to my friends and colleagues. It works; it really does."  Jan M.

General Pain   "I was lucky enough to find Dr. Bob...I have experienced tremendous results. I feel better today than at any point since my injury, 27 years ago.  I feel very good... If you're thinking about chiropractic care and you want to talk to someone please feel free to ask Dr. Bob staff for my number. I will gladly speak with you. Dr. Bob is not in this to take your money. Is in it to help you."   Al A.

Neck and Back Pain   "I am very thankful for all. I have received in this office, I feel like I received a divine presence. My health has improved so much! I had a terrible neck pain before I started my treatment, now my neck feels terrific! No pain at all.  I suffer from scoliosis and I always had back pain, I feel so much better now. I don't take pills for anything. I used to take them in the past four pains, now I feel so good, I don't need any medication.  I threw out all the pills that I had at home.   I will never ever forget all what Dr. Milham did do and is doing for my health, my spine and my life. Thank you! Ginette S."

Neck and Back Pain  "I'm a 37-year-old mother who has been plagued with back problems since I was a teenager, I would pinch a nerve in my neck by doing the simplest movement like turning my head while lying in bed to look at the clock. Ridiculous. Then I go through two weeks of agony. If I added up all the days my back has pained me, it probably adds up to two years of grief!

  Eventually my lower back started bothering me and this time it didn't go away. My husband's father suggested I see a chiropractor. I certainly didn't want to go through life in chronic pain so was open to any suggestion.

   GOOD NEWS!  After the first month, the lower back pain was almost nonexistent. It's been a year now and I'm happy to say I haven't cracked my neck. Once! I also have much more flexibility, turning my head. I highly recommend this treatment for back pain. Anyone who could go under the knife before trying a chiropractor is NUTS!"  :)   Brigitte  B.

Neck and Back Pain  "Dr. Bob saved my life!  It was eight years ago. I was in pain. Almost all the time. It hurt to stand in a line; it hurt to wash the dishes; it hurt to stand over the sink and brush my teeth! I couldn't hold my own head up and I couldn't be in a car for more than 30 minutes. I had to elementary aged, athletic kids and I was looking for a hoveround wheelchair.

  Then I met Dr. Bob, who assured me that I would get better, and of course I was skeptical because through all the doctors(medical doctors) I had not gotten better, only worse and more debilitated. I had my first adjustment and got taller that day! It's been much better since then. I even joined a softball team at the age of 40! I now enjoy good health, sleep, and activity more now than at any time in my life.  Thanks Dr. Bob.  Kaye W.

When I first started coming to see Dr. Bob, I was in terrible pain with my neck. I had been hurting for years and I had been seeing another chiropractor for about five years with no relief. I decided it was time for change. When I started seeing Dr. Bob, I finally started to get some relief from my neck pain... My neck problems are all but gone. I highly recommend Dr. Bob to anyone."  Sandra M.

"Had continuing neck pain; now is much better; often have no pain at all!"    Elaine D.

"Today I can testify that Dr. Bob has taught me how to care for myself after my adjustments."  E. Harris

Overall health  "When I started coming to the practice, I was not able to sleep, my back hurt me all day long and I have headaches all the time. I notice a big change in me since the first therapy, now I feel excellent... I finally can sleep good... But, the most important thing that ever happened to me is that after a long time trying to get pregnant, now" I AM" after two months of therapy. I finally got pregnant. I am so excited. This is like "my dream come true"  Thank you!!!"  Julie M.

Migraine Headaches  "After trying multiple different chiropractic offices. I finally found a home with Dr. Bob and his staff.  When I first arrived I had been having a consistent migraine four-week and numbness in my toes for over three months. The nerve scan showed that I had 10 points of red showing my nerves were all out of whack causing me to be in severe pain. Within the first few days of treatment at my six week scan. I showed amazing results with only one red marker. I was back to doing normal daily activities without pain or discomfort and at my six week scan. I showed amazing results with only one red marker. The amount of success I have found with Dr. Bob's treatment has been astounding! Having lived with the migraines and lower back pain for most of my life. It feels great to be able to say that I am, for the first time pain free! The treatment and hospitality at Dr. Bob's can't be matched! Thank you."  Lauren B.

Headaches/Sleep  "When I first came my back and hips hurt and headaches are sometimes unbearable...I then realized I needed help. The x-rays are a true testimony. Before and after. His diagnosis are true and his advice is golden. I appreciate it all because now I sleep soundly, headaches are not often or at all, and my back feels healthy. Thanks so much. I will deftly recommend you to all."  Terrance T.

Headache /Arm Numbness  "When I found Dr. Bob in January, I had a numb arm. After a complete evaluation it discovered a problem with my neck and lower back. Since that time, the treatment I've received from Dr. Bob has not only benefited my neck and back, but my entire health in general. I am now in a maintenance phase and have never felt better! I look forward to my adjustments each month and no more headaches!"  Shelli H.

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